About us

HAUS Capital Corporation is a preferred mortgage broker serving Upstate and Western New York. We started in Rochester, NY in 2017 in a small office with only a few mortgage loan originators, many of whom are still with HAUS today and still helping it grow its vision.  The mortgage broker offers its clients a professional and streamlined homeownership experience.

HAUS Capital aims at making the whole mortgage process simple, hassle-free, and understandable.

The story behind

HAUS Capital Corporation was started by Sam DiPiano, who is currently the President and CEO. Sam has been in the mortgage industry since the early 2000s. From working in the industry, he had seen the difficulties that clients go through in looking for mortgages and attempting to buy homes. He realized that the current market was not offering great customer service and a great mortgage experience, which is necessary to provide an amazing experience while buying a home. He saw an opportunity to enter the market and change the way mortgage seekers are treated in Upstate and Western New York.

Sam officially established HAUS Capital in 2017 with his strong commitment to homeownership and making the American dream a reality for his clients. HAUS Capital is a registered mortgage broker, offering a wide range of products at competitive rates with great service. Its products include FHA loans, USDA loans, VA loans, and conventional loans, among others.

Team of dedicated mortgage professionals

Our team of experts will walk you through the mortgage process right from the beginning up to the time you close the deal, offering support and communication that bigger banks cannot provide.  We strive to answer all the questions and offer clarifications that make the home buying experience great for the buyer.

At HAUS Capital, we understand that everyone’s situation is unique. Our flexible and innovative mortgage products allow us to tailor a mortgage solution customized for every customer and his or her family.

We understand that buying a home a big step in everyone’s life and we have set out to make sure the home buying process was one of the best experiences our customers can have. We are proud to have helped many customers, offering helpful assistance every step of the way by responding to their needs and making sure that their expectations are met, if not surpassed.

Why you should work with HAUS Capital

  • By working with a mortgage broker like HAUS Capital, you will get a unique customer service experience, great products, and support that will make the mortgage process easy, hassle-free and productive. We can be nimble in our process and provide real-time support, with the credibility and strength of our financial partners. It’s the best of both worlds.
  •  We offer a relationship-focused mortgage process; we take on every customer as a family, providing them services that will make acquiring a home easy, tailoring our mortgage solution to your needs, aspirations, and dreams
  •  Our business is personal. Our people are genuine and compassionate. We are unique, and cut ourselves from the rest of the industry because we take every homebuyer step-by-step as if they were our only client. We pride ourselves on being the trusted mortgage professionals that people can call when they want to get into the home they deserve.
  •  The reputation we have gained over the years makes us top the list of the highly- recommend mortgage brokers in Upstate and Western New York.


Mission Statement

Haus Capital is committed to providing exceptional customer service with a superior mortgage experience.

Vision Statement

Built on a foundation of service, accountability, and continuous improvement, Haus Capital is devoted to enriching our borrower’s lives through our commitment to homeownership.


Contact us for all your mortgage needs; we are here to serve you, make your experience great, and meet your house ownership needs.

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